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Secure your account with mult-factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a two-step authentication process that increases security for your SIU credentials and accounts. MFA may seem unfamiliar, but MFA is an industry standard that is already used to protect financial, medical, and other important accounts. For example, more and more banks require credentials like a username and password to initiate the sign-in process, and then send a code via cell phone or email that must be entered to gain access to the account. OIT is putting in the same protections at SIU.

For this reason, we strongly encourage all SIU faculty, staff, and students to sign up for MFA, during the opt-in enrollment period, which runs August 10 through December 31, 2020. Starting in January 2021, MFA will be required to access SIU accounts. Contact SalukiTech at or 618/453-5155 for more information.

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Multi-Factor Enrollment - Sign Up Now

SIU’s recommended method for using MFA requires that you enter your basic credentials, and then accept a push notification sent via your phone or mobile device. This method is both free and easy. A secondary option for using MFA requires that you purchase an MFA token and then enter a unique code generated by the token. Once enrolled in MFA, you will be prompted to re-confirm your identity periodically--again via push notification or by entering an MFA code. Below are steps for enrolling in and using MFA.

Recommended Method

The Office of Information Technology recommends SIU faculty, staff, and students use their phone or mobile device to use MFA. This is the free and easy option. This option requires that you download an app called DUO to the device you intend to use. If you need DUO, go to and choose the DUO SECURITY option. You will need to accept the conditions in the popup that opens; because in clicking this popup you are agreeing to use DUO. Then follow the popup instructions that follow or access this tutorial for additional help. If you have been using SIU's VPN, you already have a DUO account and need to do nothing. After you install DUO, you will receive a “push notification” on your device when initially signing in to SIU systems and software. You will need to accept this notification to complete the sign in process.

Optional Method

If you do not have a phone or mobile device, or prefer not to use it, you can purchase an MFA "token" to complete the second step of the sign-in process. An MFA token is a small device that is linked to your credentials. When you attempt to sign in, the token is activated. The token then generates a unique code that is entered to complete the sign in process. Tokens are SIU-specific, and must be purchased from SalukiTech. The cost is $25 per token. Contact SalukiTech at or 618/453-5155 for more information.